Sunday, February 8, 2015

CosmeLED ElaDerm Paris || Review


EstheClinic is launching ElaDerm in Singapore and shows you a preview of its anti-ageing range: CosmeLED. Personal ElaDerm for your own beauty skin care is the lovely gift to pamper your own skin itself. Created by French doctor, founder of EstheClinic. 

These are perfect combination to enhance the result  of anti-aging treatment. 

EstheClinic Paris is a French group of aesthetic and anti-ageing clinics at the forefront of technology and directly inspired by aesthetic medicine. EstheClinic operates 8 clinics in France and Europe, and is opening an EstheClinic outlet in Singapore.
EstheClinic is also the distributor of ElaDerm cosmeceuticals range including the CosmeLED products.
ElaDerm range is composed of innovative skincare directly inspired by aesthetic medicine.
CosmeLED products has been created by the French doctors, founder of EstheClinic, to enhance the results of EstheClinic anti-ageing treatments.
By combining high-tech procedures (radiofrequency and LED) and cosmeceuticals (Le Coffret CosmeLED), EstheClinic provide highly effective anti-ageing treatments to act on all the signs of ageing without surgery (skin tightening, radiant complexion, skin regeneration and blemishes removal).
Le Coffret CosmeLED is inspired by aesthetic medicine and includes innovative cosmeceuticals and micro-needle device that acts in synergy to reverse the signs of ageing:

  • Le DermaBooster stimulates the skin deep down to improve the production of collagen, it increases the penetration and effectiveness of active ingredients of CosmeLED skincare. Le DermaBooster tightens the skin and reveals a radiant complexion.
  • With a highly effective concentrate of natural ingredients, Le Sérum CosmeLED increases cell regeneration and stimulates skin renewal for a smoother texture.
  • La Crème CosmeLED is a lifting and firming cream that combines all the power of the best anti-ageing ingredients to ensure intense hydration and boost skin density

Combine Le DermaBooster with the application of Le Sérum and La Crème CosmeLED to lift your skin, smooth out wrinkles, refine your skin texture and brighten the complexion.

I have been using it for more than 1 week and I love the texture on my skin, as well it's not sticky at all. Result towards my skin is to give better texture and dehydrate my skin. But my first impression with micro-neddle ElaDerm a little bit pain since I never tried this kind of thing before. I think i pressed it to hard LOL
So far, I love to use it now :) Combination of these 3 are lovely. But it's not work so fast to see less wrinkles or brighten the complexion. It works to smoother my skin texture.
I haven  been sick for these past few 2 weeks, so that's why it can't show how effective this product when my body condition still on drop down. 
I pretty impressive for how fast it works to smoother my texture and I love to touch my own face lol, as well I didn't look so dull while I have been sick so badly.

How to get it?
Feel free to go their website
Now they are having promotion for Chinese New Year 30% off storewide until 28th February 2015 with coupon code CNY2015

Le Sérum CosmeLED costs $130
La Crème $100
Le DermaBooster $40
As Le DermaBooster is free when you buy Le Coffret, this is bringing the price of Le Coffret at only $230 for the 3 products

So what are you waiting for?
Prove it yourself :)

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

ESTETICA Spa Thermal Eye Mask - Review


When I received this Estetica Eye Kit and lavender Eye Mask, I really so happy. Estetica Eye Kit are  Estetica's est.lab Optimal Lift A and Multi-Repair Eye Essence that are lovely to use.

Lavender Eye Mask:

This Eye Mask comes with charger. Basically this mask warming your eyes while you are resting or sleep. The heat pretty warm enough for me, and it doesn't hurt my skin or eyes at all. In the morning I wake up just feel fresh with no swollen eye bag. Currently loving this product so far and been using it everyday for sure. Because it is so comfortable and relaxing. I have a better sleep with this product.

Optimalift A+ Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle & Eye Essence Multi-Repair:
Perfect combination that I need the most for my eyes. What I love about these 2 products?
1. Creamy
2. Not sticky at all
3. Fast absorption
4. Pump bottle is easy to use and more hygienic

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Entertainer 2015 Launch in Singapore


I had lovely experience when I attended Entertainer's 2015 product launch party that I got invited. 
It was happening at Lime House, 2 Jiak Chuan Road on Tuesday January 13th.

You can browse the post on instagram with #the_entertainer241 and #TheEntertainerApp

Here are some pictures that I took from the event itself.

A representative from Entertainer Travel explaining that this year's product includes more that 250 free (right)
Interior of Lime House

express manicure by Pink Parlour
express manicure by Pink Parlour
Marble Slab Creamery with Chocolate flavour
Okay I think enough with the event itself. Let's talk about our main actor here!

You might be wondering what is The Entertainer right?
Basically this app offers more than 800 Buy One Get One Free offers for Singapore's hottest restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more. the Entertainer Travel 2015, which features over 250 free night offers at leading 4 and 5 * hotels across Asia and beyond.

Example that I screen shot from my mobile app
This app's 1-for-1 restaurant offers are  for the Singapore market.
Only the hotel stays outside of Singapore.
As my reader, you all entitle to get discount by using this code "2015ALVIN" to a further 10% discount on top of the early bird price (S$60) of the 2015 app, which means that the app will cost only $54 upon application of the code! This is 44.5% lower than last year's full retail price of S$98.

So what are you waiting for? Try it and get it now! :)

Once again, thank you to The Entertainer and congratulation for you product 2015.
Thank you to Lime House, Pink Parlour, Marble Slab Creamery, Glacier Frozen, Yogurt Cafe and Aveda Spa. Last but not least, all the Entertainer and partners :)

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