Saturday, November 28, 2015

OKDGG Korean Accessories - Review


Accessories take a big part to make our style in fashion industry. Small little stuff can give big different in our look. OKDGG once again impress me with their korean accessories quality, not only their high end design but how pretty the details on its.

My first look with silver as my collections. Well I do love wings and simplicity. That's why I chose these: 1 simple necklace with a pair of beautiful wings. The quality, details and design gave me confidence when I wearing it.

1. Wooping Necklace
2. Wing Earing

Gold will never die. Simple necklace is always win all style kind of outfit. Rings set will give nice touch up for sure. I can not stand any cross design. Either from rings or ear cuff. I think that can be my statement accessories :)

1. Happy Plenty Rings
2. Solar City Necklace details
3. Earing size 3mm
4. Judith Ear Cuff
Overall look
Over all,  I do love it. You get what you pay for. The design, quality and details are beautiful as what you have seen on their website. You will not regret to purchase them. I always impress how good their products that I got from OKDGG 
FYI: they are very helpful too when I have requested something and they gave me solution as well. Very good service :) Thank you very much!

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Happy Shopping!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

OKDGG x UPTOWNHOLIC Korean Fashion Review


Since OKDGG gave me opportunities to try some Korean Fashion with Korean brand, since then I fell in love with it. Because the simplicity and back to basic are totally my style. 
This time, I have opportunity to try UPTOWNHOLIC brand :D

Here is the page look from Uptownholic website (click here)

I do love the quality, so far I always amaze with Korean brand quality. Everything with back to basic will catch my eyes so easily. Fabrics material are so comfortable to wear and the cutting also nicely fit with the look that I want. Totally what I expected before I placed in order :)

Let's take a look what I got with not much comments from me but your own opinions:

Basic Nasir Top in grey colour
To complete my look, I am wearing Casio Watch from UPTOWNHOLIC too as my simple accessories. Less is more, right? :)

Casio Watch
Skull Chip Tee in grey colour
Rokko Tee
Swedish Tee in ivory colour
Empty Platforms Cami Top in Black

From all these looks, which one is your favorite?

I really recommended to shop from OKDGG and UPTOWNHOLIC. Especially if you love online shopping :D I see your eyes already in passion on shopping hahaha...

Thank you so much again to OKDGG and UPTOWNHOLIC.
Feel free to drop your comments or questions about it.

Happy shopping!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

ESQIDO Lashes "Oh So Sweet" - Review


Esqido lashes are used by top makeup artists and worn by many celebrities (such as Rihanna and Victoria's Secret angels) around the world. 
I want to say thank you to Esqido that gave me opportunities to try their beautiful products. 
I am so exciting to share with you how do I think about this product. Shall we start?

♥ Packaging
First impression about the packaging was amaze how elegant and beautiful. I do love the simplicity with rose gold touch. It brings the brand look high class. Especially the glue lashes which the packaging I love the most hehe...

"Oh So Sweet" ESQIDO Lashes

♥ Review
Let's talk about the lashes first. I tried this beautiful "Oh So Sweet" lashes that the bone not super soft which is good to shape your eyes. But if you are a person love comfort for not want to feel that you are wearing lashes, this is maybe not so suitable. Sometimes I love to have hard bone so I can get nice eyes shape and open up my eyes after wearing lashes. This lashes is pretty natural looking that obviously can wear for any kind occasion.

Now we talk about the glue. As per what I said, I love the glue packaging which is easier for me to have a tip brush so it won't ruin my bone lashes while applying. As well this glue pretty stick forever after applying and makes me so comfortable for not keep checking my eyelashes. 

Here is the look that I wore "Oh So Sweet" lashes from Esqido. You can see how natural look and really open up my eyes which made my looks even on point :)

So far, what is your favorite brand lashes? I pretty excited to try some brand that I might not know. Feel free to share with me.

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